Cementation / Compaction Ningde, Yangjiang, Hongyanhe, China

With the economic development in China also the nergetic demand raised seriously. For that reason power plants are constructed in in Ningde, Yangjiang and Hongyanhe. For the produced radioactive waste, e.g. the worker´s uniforms or filter cartridges packaging facilities are constructed for the intermediate bearing without radiation.

The facilities are breaking up and drying the materials and mix them up with a concrete matrix before they are put into barrels and automatically closed. The core piece of the facility is a mixer, which special storage containers, dosing systems and mixing units. Essential for the whole system is the horizontal and vertical transportation system for the barrels and the measurement modules for the radioactive contamination. For safety and security reasons the facility is assured with double doors for radiation protection.

KVL installed for those projects a project controlling and a special development system, which is used for compilation, controlling and revision of the initial planning. This system has to consider the employee’s side communication guidelines and allowing the development of coordination between this side and component suppliers.

Furthermore KVL was assigned with conversion, detailing and updating of the time schedule. Beginning with the planning phase and the installation phase up to the implementing including the integration to the facility the partial ranges were to be displayed with their specifical interlocking.