Stakeholder Report 2017/18


a sweeping wave of digitalisation has been coming for the real-estate industry for a long time. Surveys not only find a greater awareness for the necessity of digital processes in order to be competitive, but also a greater familiarity with new instruments, e. g. those that use artificial intelligence. Digital data platforms play a central role in this: They replace the file cabinets and archive halls of the analogue age and combine the drawing boards of all planners in a 3-D environment.

Whether a digital process is able to take a hold in the business process can be predicted from whether it has become established in people’s personal lives. Smartphones, tablets, social-media platforms etc. have been able to make inroads the way they did because they have one decisive consequence: They mirror the speed and interconnectedness of our society, in many instances making life simpler, and thereby more pleasant. Nonetheless, digital developments should also be scrutinised with a critical eye, and one ought not forget that the basis of the building industry remains in the crafts – the epitome of the analogue world. With the right strategy however, the positive aspects can also be transferred to the real-estate industry.

In our new Stakeholder Report, we would like to show to you a future that will be both digital and analogue – a future in which our way of working, our approach to projects, and our way to communicate rest on both pillars. Be it new tools like BIM, or analogue publications whose pages are being turned in the 5th edition like our Construction Project Management manual – they all have their place. And please do not forget – it’s always good to talk. If people stop talking face to face, then the latest technology won’t help them either.