Federal Armed Forces Hospital Berlin (listed)

The military hospital in Berlin has 367 beds and is one of 4 hospitals run by the German Armed Forces. It is used for both in- and outpatient treatments by members of the German Armed Forces as well as civilians.

KVL has been charged with project managing the following extensive new-build and conversion works, each with different run times,  across the enire hospital site.

  1. New build of block 1.7 with isolation ward S3
  2. Renovation of old building 1.3 with three operating theatres
  3. New build of a service yard / rescue unit
  4. Redevelopment of outdoor facilities, Parts I and II
  5. New build of kitchen with care facility
  6. New build of pharmacy and central storage facility
  7. Central storage ward block 1.1
  8. Construction of modular ward block
  9. New build of cooling plant / emergency power system
  10. New build of connecting corridor to operating theatre