Hospital of the Federal Armed Forces

The hospital of the Federal Armed Forces in Berlin is with 367 beds one of 4 hospital of the Federal Armed Forces in Germany. It is at the disposal of the soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces as well as of civil patients for ambulant and stationary treatment.

KVL has been charged with the Project Management for the execution of the substantial reconstruction and new building works with different project duration on the whole real estate of the hospital of the Federal Armed Forces.

Two important construction works are the new building of the hospital and the reconstruction of an existing building. Among others an operation area (three operation rooms with holding area), an intensive care unit as well as a S3 infection station will be integrated. Radiology, an Urology and a Neurology are further function units that will have to be constructed newly.
For commissioning of the reconstructed and the newly constructed buildings it is necessary to establish the technical control room (allocation of all medias as well as emergency-power supply). Furthermore a facility work yard with office, stock and workshop areas will be constructed newly for the purpose of securing an effective running.

In the course of the rearrangement of the park a division of the existing combined sewerage net into a separated rain and waste water net will be realized.

Besides the settlement of these construction works KVL oversees the creation of the preliminary planning as for example the new building of a kitchen and a central pharmacy as well as the reconstruction of the disinfection section.