KazPost - Postal Logistic Center

Due to the continuously increasing number of international and towards western standards operating companies in Kazakhstan, the correspondence by post has increased constantly in the last few years. In order to meet this circumstance on a professional level a modern postal-logistic-center is arranged as a pilot project of the former public company Kazpost in Almaty in cooperation with Siemens Postal Automation. Due to curt guidelines with regard to the deadlines and the fact that the local building com-panies are responsible for the building execution, Siemens decided to integrate the services of KVL Construction Management in order to keep the desired quality standards, the budget and the scheduling.

The project consists of an about 300 m long and 50 m wide storehouse with two levels. The first level shelters besides the post-sorting-centre an administration area, a security area as well as a storage area for parcel services, Internet trade and cargo. The second level has been operated as rented storage area for extern clients during the whole replacement works.

KVL assumes besides the classic duties of the project management, such as scheduling and reporting, also the support for the elaboration of a logistic concept for a failure-free receipt and disposal of the consignments for the Kazpost as well as for their lessees.

In addition to that KVL is responsible the smooth cooperation of the clients, local authorities, executing building companies and other project participants.