Lesnaja Polyana

The whole settlement of Lesnaja Polyana, which is located about 20 km far from Astana in the southwest, is distrituted on 12 separate construction stages (Turns). Turn I is already finalized and taken over by the owners. Turns II until V are under construction again since 2009, after a long termed construction stop resulting from the world financial crisis.

All houses consist in 5 storeys and a cellar level in addition. The construction status’ of the buildings are very different.

To ensure the financing of each Turn KVL provides regularly Financial Due Diligences, which serve as the foundation of the subsequent funding by ATFBank.

The necessary financing is requested by the general constructor in tranches and becomes confirmed and approved by KVL under consideration of the fixed funding frame.

With monthly Status Reports the complete construction progress, the running costs with their effects on the budget and an alignment with the arranged time schedule, the bank and the client become informed and consulted by recommendations for action. Furthermore the performed qualities are evaluated and checked in accordance with the valid norms and regulations.

The service spectrum of KVL covers at this pattern project, with responsible of the government of Kazakhstan, among others a controlling concomitantly to the construction, in especial the supervision of costs, timelines and qualities.

During intensive construction meetings with the general constructor aimed daily construction sequences are coordinated and potential risks clarified and prevented (Risk management).