MEGA Family Shopping Mall

In the Russian town Yekaterinburg a new shopping and entertainment center of the chain MEGA was established in 2006. Besides an IKEA store the center implies diverse bigger and smaller shopping facilities as well as restaurants, cafes and bistros. In the central area of the building is the "Ice Rink". This offers the visitors the possibility to ice skating all over the year. Additionally, events like Live-concerts can take place there.

By the builder, the OOO IKEA Property Moscow, a Turkish project coordination consultant had been contracted. Due to the very short construction period of about one year and the herewith con-nected problem to meet the desired quality standards, KVL had been contracted for Site Inspection.

At this a constantly monitoring and con-trolling with regard to the executed quali-ties had been demanded by the principal.

Due to the constantly advisory activity by KVL and the close collaboration with the project management of the builder, the primary desired opening date by 2006-10-07 could be kept.