Neue Mitte Fürth

In July 2011 the city of Fürth awarded the contract to develop a new, connected, large-scale retail space to the developer MIB AG. The concept did not focus on building a standard introverted shopping center, rather a collection of retail and commercial spaces accessed from the street, thus creating an extension of the existing pedestrian zone.

As well as a new building, the plan incorporated a range of retail and commercial facilities into the existing urban fabric of the historic centre. Urban planning specifications and expectations were strictly adhered to. A co-investor charged KVL Bauconsult Frankfurt GmbH with project controlling.

KVL Bauconsult Frankfurt GmbH carried out a technical due diligence of the existing buildings to identify, characterise and qualify any potential risks prior to the start of the demolition phase. The controlling services included critical monitoring of the planning and execution phases as well as ongoing technical consulting and risk assessment for the co-investor, taking into account the costs, schedule and conditions specified by the client.