Rapid connection, Airport Hamburg

The rapid connection Airport Hamburg is the extension of about 3 km of the Hamburg suburban train red. The opening was planned by 2008.

With the technical exacting civil engineering project the Airport Fuhlsbüttel will be connected with the suburban train net and a direct connection to the central station is created.
The route is for the most part subterranean, an about 1.7 km long section was constructed a shield tunneling.

KVL assumes the Claim Management and the consulting during the construction process, especially the shell sections 5 – 10, which were constructed by the LSBG (Hamburg Office of Street, Bridges and Waters) by the order of Deutsche Bahn.

KVL examined, negotiated and evaluated the technical claims as well as those claims regarding the construction time. Here, the focus lies on a VOB conform and revision-safe procedure.
For the support of the reporting and the standardized and transparent claim process, a data based softwaretool had been implemented.

Furthermore, the claims of the contactor could have been reduced largely by the intensive procedure of the claim subject.