Fast rail link, Airport Hamburg

The fast link to Hamburg Airport is a 3 km extension to Hamburg's S-Bahn. Opening was schduled for 2008.

The technically challenging civil engineering project connected the airport at Fuhlsbüttel to the S-Bahn network, thus creating a direct connection to Hamburg's main railway station.
The line runs underground for a large part of its length involving 1.7 km of shield tunneling.

KVL was in charge of variation order management and consulting during the construction process, in particular for phases 5 – 10, which were carried out by the LSBG (Hamburg agency for roads, bridges and waters) on behalf of Deutsche Bahn.

KVL checked, negotiated and evaluated the technical amendments as well as those relating to the construction schedule. The focus was on a VOB-compliant and auditable procedure.
A database-based software tool was implemented to support reporting and the standardised, transparent processing of variation orders and amendments.

In addition, stringent review of the orders and amendments significantly reduced contactor claims.