TRITON Frankfurt am Main

Originally constructed in the 1980s, the Triton office complex with its 26.000 m² of service area in the Frankfurt Westend area is reconstructed due to the change of the tenant. Those reconstructions include the renewment of the facade, repair works on the whole building structure, the expansion of the building for a further, tenth floor and the grade up of the outdoor facilities. Futhermore the aim is targeted to repalce the heating and conditioning systems by concepts of the highest ecological standards.

For the execution of the project the building is deconstructed to the carcass. The underground parking lot with its three floors and 430 parking spots is untouched by this interference. In the process of expansion the new facade is attached to the construction and the completion of interior is completed on the highest possible standards.

KVL assumes for the Project Manager, acting here, the subtasks cost-controlling and reporting. Furthermore, KVL supports regarding constipation of the contracts with planner and consultants. For the support of the reporting and the standardized and transparent management process, a data based software communicartion and management-system tool had been implemented.