Uferhallen Berlin

Uferhallen Berlin is a cultural site of national importance. Augustus Management & Architecture GmbH has been working together with resident artists and the city of Berlin since 2018 on a joint concept for the future use of the area. The signing of a "Letter of Intent" (LOI) in 2021 represented a milestone in securing the long-term viability of the site as well as the structural development of its surrounding area.

The Uferhallen started life in1873 as a horse-drawn tram depot until 30 years later when it became the main workshop and bus depot for the Berlin Transport Company. Steeped in history, the now listed ensemble of buildings includes metal and woodworking shops, a sawmill, a warehouse and a canteen. The site's metamorphosis into the unique cultural location it is today began when it was acquired by UferHallen AG in 2007.

Studios, workshops, concert and rehearsal rooms, and exhibition spaces for creative artists and professionals make it a pillar of importance in the cultural landscape not just of the Wedding district but of Berlin as a whole.

UferHallen AG plans to develop and expand the existing buildings on the site in two phases. In the first phase, some of the existing buildings will have floors added to them, and a few will make way for new buildings. Cultural and artistic activities will continue on the site. Small commercial and residential developments are also planned.

The second phase involves developing a land use plan for the entire area and getting it accepted by the end of 2023 .

The overall project is seen a flagship project seeking to create an attractive location for business that has a cultural and historical context.

KVL provides project management services on behalf of UferHallen AG