Projekt Entwicklung Plus

As early as 2017, the “Phase 0 Team” was formed within the KVL Group, as it was realised that the need of our contractors for support was growing steadily even before the project was defined. This, together with the realisation that project development can still have a major influence on project control and project management in later phases, led to a series of seminars being launched in 2019 to explain the scope of project development and thus strengthen our employees' empathy for the concerns of our contractors. The seminar was initiated and conducted by Luana Cortis, Reinhard Schulz and Matthias Werner.

This project gave rise to the idea of expanding the service profile of project development in order to provide it all over Germany: KVL Projektentwicklung Plus GmbH was founded in March 2020. These are the people behind it:

Luana Cortis

Managing Partner

Born in Munich, she graduated in architecture from the Technical University of Munich in 2014. Three years later, she completed the accompanying ClimaDesign degree course; her master's thesis examined the optimization potential in project management in the construction of fully sustainable buildings. Luana Cortis has been working for KVL Group since 2012.

Matthias Werner

Managing Partner

The Munich architect has been active mainly in the procurement of planning permission since 1998. In 2004, he founded his own architectural office, through which he handled the full range of services covered by the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) as well as urban development planning and competition assessment. In 2012/2013, he founded KVL Bauconsult München GmbH as managing partner with a focus on project management, TDD and consulting in the early project phases.

Reinhard Schulz

Managing Partner

As a business graduate with additional qualifications in project development, Reinhard Schulz combines real estate with a financial perspective. His keen sense for clients’ preferences and economic constraints, coupled with his ambition to discover new markets and products, perfectly complement the interdisciplinary approach within KVL PE+.


Service profile

Project development brings together the three elements idea, plot and capital in a goal-oriented way and creates the strategic basis of the project.

We develop individual and client-specific project strategies and translate these into concrete actions to formulate the project or development. From market analysis, user identification, conducting idea workshops and dialogue processes to project costing and specific stakeholder management, we provide all the services required for project conception or initiation. Together with our clients, we lay the best possible foundations and use this preliminary work to ensure that the project will be managed on schedule, within budget and in line with quality standards throughout its realisation.

The service profile is structured according to what we see as the decisive phases of project development: Analysis, concept and initiation. Each of the listed service modules can be considered separately, or combined into packages tailored to your needs.

Analysis  +

Market and
location analysis
User and
stakeholder analysis
Competition analysis
Building law analysis
Process analysis
Acquisition audits
Deal breaker identification

Concept  +

Target group concept
Personnel concept
Market segments
Stakeholder strategy
Market positioning
PR and communication
Space programs
Urban development planning
Building law
Miscellaneous law
City/neighbourhood plan
Sustainability concept
Economic efficiency
Residual value /
developer calculation
Equity/debt capital
Concept and accounting
Feasibility study

Initiation  +

Participation processes
Public relations
Stakeholder support/management
PR strategies
Ideas competition
Workshop procedure
Urban development planning
Setting up
planning team
Work Phases 1 and 2
Equity/debt capital cash flow plan
Setting up cost controlling
Handover / setup project management

KVL Project management

All from one source: Once the idea, plot and capital are established, there is a smooth handover to project management or project control, all of which is in the best hands at KVL with some 200 employees throughout Germany. This handover process can last up to the end of Work Phase 2 in order to ensure a comprehensive exchange of knowledge. Partial services such as stakeholder management or PR can also be provided until the end of the project.


Team presentation

One team, two locations. We are young, interdisciplinary and bring experience from different areas of the real estate industry. For us, it goes without saying that we always put together the best team for your project.

Analysis phase

We check which framework conditions apply under building law, and what kind of potential exists. Which kind of users can be envisaged here? What does the competition do? What kind of risks are involved in existing properties?

In the analysis phase, the fundamentals of the project development are identified. At this stage, deal breakers are often identified that result in the abortion of the new development. If the analysis does not reveal any insurmountable obstacles, the conceptual design will be started.

Urban development planning

Urban development planning includes all processes and coordination for the creation of building law that reflects the previously developed concept and constitutes a permanently secured framework for realisation. Urban development planning often includes comprehensive stakeholder management to promote transparency and the participation of the public. We coordinate all relevant specialist planners and represent the client or the project in public.

Economic efficiency

Effort and return must always be in proportion in order to realise a project development in an economically sustainable way. A realistic understanding of expected revenues is just as important as the early determination of expected production costs. Typically, we start projects with a residual value calculation to define the maximum justifiable entry price. We then use the multi-stage developer calculation to determine the economic framework for further development and planning.

Ideas competition

The ideas competition is not only a proven way to find the best expression of one's idea. It also serves more and more as an instrument to involve policy makers and the public in the project and to make the development transparent, which can greatly facilitate the further progress.

We provide all the necessary services: the selection of the jury and planners, the preparation of the call for entries, the review of the entries and the organisation of the events.

Address and branding

A brand is not an advertisement, nor is it a logo. A brand is an attitude that guides the development of buildings and entire neighbourhoods throughout the process. The result will be not only a shell, but an address with which all those involved (from planners to neighbours and eventual users) can identify. To ensure the consistency of all planning steps in this regard, we start developing an address and brand mission statement in this early phase.

Project initiation

The best concept will only turn into a successful project if the transformation from idea to realisation takes place smoothly and without loss of information. At the beginning of the realisation, the project must be set up properly, structures and processes must be defined, and other project participants must be involved. By developing the project structures, we help to ensure that the ideas behind the development will eventually be reflected in the finished product. The early development of the economic framework, address and branding enables us to plan and build in a goal-oriented way.