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Strategic & technical
real estate consulting

  • Project controlling
  • Organisational consulting
  • Due diligences / Transaction consulting
  • Feasibility studies, demand and utilisation plans, project development
  • Software development
  • Budget and financing

Project development

Project development brings the idea, land plot and capital together in a targeted manner and creates the strategic basis of the project. Click here to learn more.

Project controlling

In addition to the actual "owner", who is represented by their project management, other project stakeholders, such as banks and investors or the later occupiers, also have a need for information and control regarding project goals.

To ensure that project goals are met, we carry out independent project-related inspections on your behalf during planning and execution. The results are summarised in reports with recommendations for steps to be taken to achieve the contractually agreed targets.


Organisation consulting

We are happy to use our extensive project experience to support you in upcoming optimisation processes. We help to combine and complement existing organisational building blocks to give you a coherent and fully-functioning big picture.


Due diligence / Transaction consulting

Real estate investments come with economic risks that are often not transparent to the buyer due to the large number of factors that can influence value.

Due diligence is a fact-finding process to ensure the soundness of investments in real estate, companies and portfolios. Unlike a classic valuation in accordance with the Valuation Ordinance / Guidelines, due diligence also includes, for example, opportunities and risks with regard to location and mixture of use. Tax and legal considerations also play a role.

KVL's due diligence services provide a sound basis for decision-making.

Feasibility studies, requirement and utilisation concepts, project development 

The objective of feasibility studies is to provide an objective, methodical and technically sound basis for decision-making. The following points are generally covered in our feasibility studies, regardless of whether an economically viable utilisation concept is to be developed for an existing property or a project idea is to be carried out on a future land plot:

  • Market/location analysis and forecast (macro, meso and micro location) allowing for hard and soft factors within the scope of cost-benefit analyses
  • Market research and analysis (buyers / customers and competitor offers)
  • Development of product and utilisation concepts including functional, spatial and fitout programmes
  • Preliminary planning concept, i.e. creative execution of the objectives from the functional and spatial programme
  • Investment and profitability analysis on the basis of a sound cost calculation
  • Risk assessment 

Software development

While working on individual projects and service portfolios we have continuously built, optimised and refined our own software solutions. These enable our internal IT team to come up with innovative solutions that provide efficient, transparent, high-value and unfailing support to project delivery.

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