We are characters

KVL is identified by its personalities. We are as varied as our projects and clients. In this way, we find a suitable lid for every pot - simply, creatively and customised!

Ashkan Rabbany-Bitaraf
Junior Project Manager
René Čeko
Project Manager
Christiane Bennett
Michael Rothkopf
Junior Project Manager
Spiel mir das Lied vom Bau
David Weisenborn
Managing Partner
Laura Herrmann
Schlagfertig, nicht nur auf dem Tennisplatz, sondern auch in Verhandlungen!
Manage. Consult.
In other words: Be creative.
Denis Krieger
Project Manager
Our man for the development of your projects who even strategically plans his leisure time.
Ilka Schröder
Senior Consultant
A communication miracle - whether in magenta or with a hard hat
Diana Anastasija Radke
Commercial Director / Partner
take a walk on the wild side
Dustin Junge
Project Manager
A boost for every team
Elena Treskow
Marc Stroh
Senior Consultant
Knowledge also results from experience
One for all
and all for you!
Service provider with heart and brain.
Sven Seehawer
Managing Partner
Mission: Client first!
Alessa Hedtke
Office Manager
Matthias Claßen
Senior Consultant
Armin Haghnazari
Managing Partner
Bernd Kochendörfer
Managing Partner
Just because you are sometimes silent does not mean that you have nothing to say.
Frank Brühmann
Managing Partner
Stefan Bröcker
Managing Partner
Peter Lohmann
Managing Partner
Findet die richtige Medizin für jedes Projekt
Alle Mitarbeiter anzeigen
Christian Flintrop
Senior Project Manager / Freelancer
Nina Rodde
Managing Partner
To have at all times for tricky contract and construction time questions and cooperative contract models
Karsten Pötter
Project Manager
Knows the digital world from algorithms to central processors
Laura de Pedro
Project Manager
Cool, Clever & LEAN
Miguel Rosales Moreno
Managing Partner
Peter Kerle
Project Manager
Thorsten Windeln
Managing Partner
Gennadi Wart
Reinhard Schulz
Project Manager
Basic evaluation and strategy planning: The crucial first step for project success.
Mathias Stieb
Oldest service employee, with a long beard, breath and a plan for long stages and projects
Michael Liebig
Project Manager / Freelancer
Sebastian Schröder
Manager IT & Communication
Andreas Ligner
Managing Partner
KVL secretary of interior and education
Raikhan Ussa
Managing Partner
Frank Adam
Project Manager
Problem solver with vigour
Luana Cortis
Project Manager
Robert Maass
Project Manager
Jakob Conrad
Matthias Hänsch
Project Manager
Responsible for the architectural view of things
Sven Ingwers
Senior Consultant
Achieves his goals without making big waves
Nina Herzog
Anna Lebedeva
Michael Käßner
Project Manager
Robert Jarosch
Project Manager
Uwe Behrends
Senior Consultant
born to be engineer
Thomas Weber
Commercial employee
The ruler of payment
Erik Holler
Senior Consultant
The big points decide the game
Frank Peterlein
IT Manager
Rouvena Jennrich
Project Assistant
Steffen Schmitt
Managing Partner
KVL Frontrunner
Georg Bremer
Project Manager
A striking personality in every respect
Pia Jeda
Office Manager
Florian Trieb
Managing Partner
Lisa Tietz
Office Manager
Kathrin Törner
Junior Consultant
Their ability to strike comes into play more than just in the ring
Martin Spielau
Senior Consultant
Markus G. Viering
Managing Partner
The man with the publicly appointed and sworn expertise
Thomas Penske
Senior Consultant
Kai Hansen
Senior Project Manager | Member of the Board
Heike Drüppel
Project Manager
Mirko Moszynski
Project Manager
Not a doctor and not a soldier, but has worked at the German armed forces hospital for years
Jana Weise
Office Manager
Matthias Werner
Managing Partner
Ademar Machado
Project Manager

We will…

KVL Bauconsult GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Bernd Kochendörfer, Dr.-Ing. Markus G. Viering and Dr.-Ing. Jens Liebchen on 01.09.2003.

Concord completed its final flight and there was the best harvest in a century thanks to a sensational summer.


We celebrate…

Thanks to the first projects, in 2004 the opening ceremony for our own offices on Genthiner Straße 11 could be celebrated in style - but the student staff still had to act as waiters.

Greece became European champion and Otto Rehagel finally became an icon.


We start with…

The first public tender was won. KVL was commissioned as project controller for construction and regional planning for the renovation and new construction measures to the army hospital in Berlin. Both the project and the client have since become true companions.

KVL goes international - the OOO KVL Consult in Moscow is founded and as its first project realises an IKEA MEGA Mall in Yekaterinburg

Germany votes for a female Chancellor!


We are diversifying…

Private clients discover KVL and remain faithful to us today! We now also supervise new office buildings and hotel projects.

Germany is the host for the FIFA World Cup 2006 and makes the summer into a fairytale.


We are expanding…

KVL establishes KVL Bauconsult Frankfurt GmbH and KVL Bauconsult Stuttgart GmbH, so that we can support our clients on site without complications.

Internationally, Central Asia is explored and KVL becomes the largest project controller, despite the banking crisis.

VAT is raised to 19 %


We are consolidating…

Despite the banking crisis, thanks to our flexibility we have been able to establish our company in Central Asia. We are helping international banks to evaluate their portfolios and are specialising on bank controlling because loyalty and trust are fundamental standards at our company!

The first African American is voted in as 44th President of the United States of America


We are travelling…

The destinations are increasingly diverse - whether in Germany or internationally. KVL is already no longer limited to its company locations. Projects in Düsseldorf, in Atyrau by the Caspian Sea, in Tula by Moscow etc. are reflected in millions of miles collected.

The highest building in the world was completed - the Burj Khalifa.


We share…

Other KVL companies were founded in Hamburg and Abu Dhabi. We are meeting our claim to intellectual leadership and together with other authors are publishing the handbook “Bauzeit”, thereby sharing our knowledge. The handbook “Bauzeit” is currently in its 3rd edition.

2010 is BAUMA year, but unfortunately also Eyafjallajökull year. This made organising air travel rather difficult.


We are moving…

We are expanding our scope of services! As a consequence, KVL Sachverständige GmbH, which deals with change-order, contract management and construction-related consulting as well as construction time analysis, is founded.

We have also changed ourselves locally - size compelled us to move from the modernisation of existing property to new construction and from Genthiner Straße close to the Kurfürstendamm.

Only so many - in our company, nobody has lost their doctorate title.


We are structuring…

Growth means change. 2012 was therefore dedicated to structure. Because of the rapid growth of KVL, in 2012 the structures were updated and systems like PACS for project organisation or COOR as a cost-controlling tool were introduced and established.

London Olympics - a gift for the Queen’s 60th Jubilee?


We are thankful…

In 2013 we thanked our clients for 10 years of trust with a roaring party on the roof terrace of Spichernstraße 2. Without our clients’ trust and the energy of our employees, KVL would never have made it for 10 years.

In keeping with the company strategy, KVL Bauconsult München GmbH was founded along with KVL Projektmanagement Berlin GmbH, which takes over the operative business of KVL Bauconsult GmbH so that this can concentrate on overarching and regulative matters.

Unfortunately we partied too hard - we can no longer remember what events were going on around us.


We are studying…


Residences are on the upswing, and student residences in particular. As project controllers we were able to help co-design the innovative and award-winning student village Berlin-Adlershof. Modern community living has been executed masterly here. Take the time to view the place - the trip is worth it. It is also worth taking the trip to Frankfurt since the TaunusTurm has become part of the skyline there. KVL Frankfurt supported Tishman Speyer in organising the contract and in strategic issues.

Germany is football world champion!



We will do it…

Berlin’s greenest building was completed on time and within budget. The HumboldtHafen Eins in Berlin - the Berlin HQ of PwC - receives the DGNB platinum certificate. KVL was entrusted with the project management and says thank you for the trust reciprocated.

Germany shows heart and courage - the borders are open for all.


We are right in the middle of it...

2016 is dedicated to central Germany! We are completing a large residential construction project in Dresden. Our employee workshops are being held in Erfurt. The office seminar is making a guest appearance in Leipzig. But we are particularly excited to finally fill the most well-known excavation pit in central Germany. KVL is taking over control of the project at the Burgplatz in Leipzig and thereby closing the last gap in the old town with a hotel construction.

After several attempts, Bob Dylan is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


We are discovering ourselves anew…

KVL Bauconsult München GmbH is bursting at the seams and moves to Schwabing. KVL Bauconsult Hamburg GmbH moves to Alster for the same reasons.

With much love and a brilliant agency, we have got ourselves a new website. We maybe even made it into the Top Ten for brand value for project controllers... At least according to the REAL ESTATE BRAND BOOK! We are grateful to you for this and excited about what this year still has to offer...

The ELBPHILHARMONIE concert hall in Hamburg was finished.


KVL is restructuring…

KVL is growing. KVL adapts to new challenges and the new size and is now optimally positioned for the future with an optimized structure. Thanks to our KVL-LAB, the KVL internal training program, we expand our know-how and thus ensure the quality of our services. We grow and learn every day. We think that's great!

Context: NASA finds evidence of organic life on Mars.


Our focus lies on successfully completing construction projects. We use our independent and competent advice purposefully for our clients. Dedicated staff from the fields of architecture, civil/industrial engineering and supply engineering who work according to the latest state of knowledge, ensure success.