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Robert Reimer
IT Systemadministrator
Irina Boroumand
Project Manager
Bursting with creative problem-solving approaches
Katja Herter
Senior Project Manager
Schaffa schaffa Häusle baua - Sustainable building with Swabian expertise
Philipp Just
Junior Project Manager
The key to success is the key to the office
Kathrin Törner
Project Manager
Quick on the comeback. And not just in the ring.
Ali-Ufuk Anuk
Junior Project Manager
Manage. Consult.
In other words: Creative to the core.
Jakob Conrad
Managing Partner
Danger spotted – risk averted. Your expert
Tanja Thung
Project Manager
Sven Ingwers
Senior Consultant
Doesn't make a big deal out of achieving his goals
Maria Zaika
Junior Projektmanager
Bianca Kersten
Management support
Uwe Behrends
Senior Consultant
Born to be engineer
One for all
and all for you!
Service providers with heart and soul.
Steffen Zerbock
Project Manager
A shared vision is crucial to a project.
Yvonne Böttcher
Management Support
Long distance or short; it all begins with the first step
Christian Flintrop
Senior Project Manager / Freelancer
There is strength in calmness
Ilka Schröder
Senior Consultant
A communications wonder!
Marina Funck
Project Assistant
Always sits firmly in the saddle
Robert Jarosch
Project Manager
Ege Iscimen
Junior Project Manager
Felix Eisenbrand
Managing Director
Always strikes the right note
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Kai Hansen
Partner | Member of the Management Board
Brimming with ideas
Anja Pyka
Senior Project Manager
Whether it's a building or a piece of jewellery, she forges and files until it fits and the result is smooth
Kerstin Herzinger
Project Manager
Freya Goldschmitt
Project Manager
Mirko Moszynski
Senior Project Manager
Neither doctor nor soldier, but at the military hospital for years
Baris Yasar
Project Manager
Matthias Linnemann
Managing Partner
When the construction process is obstructed… you need expertise and flexibility
David Ehmig
Junior Project Manager | Freelancer
Be SMART and keep your eye on the target
Tim Weikert
Feelgood Manager in Munich
Marion Weber
Project Manager
Nina Herzog
A penchant for books - at home too
Sandra Gaulke
Junior Project Manager
Solves the case, and not just in crime fiction!
Alena Stassen
Elisabeth Budke
Project Manager
Sarah Brinkmann
Alina Helget
Project Manager
Focusses on the solution not the problem
Martin Spielau
Managing Partner
Oversees cultural institutions from Muscat to Mümmelmannsberg
Thessa Fecht
Life is too short for bad moods
Patrick Broncel
Project Manager
Ready to go with the right idea
Thomas Weber
Commercial officer
Master of numbers
Miguel Rosales Moreno
Managing Partner
Thomas Penske
Managing Partner
Steers the project as an architect with an eye for detail
Felix Eisenbrand
Managing Director
Always strikes the right note
Doreen Ebert
Eduard Görlitz
Junior Project Manager
Trust me, I’m an engineer
Lilli Lück
Project Manager
Matthias Hänsch
Project Manager
Responsible for the architectural view of things
Lisa Bischof
Project Manager
Steffen Schmitt
Managing Partner
KVL frontrunner
Benjamin Slosharek
Sustainability Expert & Project Manager
Janna Kittelmann
Junior Consultant
Has known from early on where her passion lies
Luis Vera
Junior Project Manager
Keeps track of the big picture
Ragna Steinbömer
Vanessa Weh
Project Manager
Laura von der Born
Junior Project Manager
Always got a handbook handy
Edgardo Rodriguez
Senior Project Manager
Stays on the ball
Liliane do Nascimento Karadeniz
Junior Project Manager
A life without challenges is boring
Marlene Rost
Team and project support
Sometimes a cake helps more than a thousand words!
Peter Kerle
Senior Project Manager | Prokurist
Search out what's new, push for quality, check goals
Marc Stroh
Senior Consultant
Knowledge also results from experience
Frank Peterlein
Senior IT Manager
John Klaucke
Project Manager
Focused on the essentials at the crucial moment
Luisa Diel
Project Support
Andreas Ligner
Managing Partner
KVL's home and education secretary
Alexander Knipp
Project Manager
Always the right solution in the bag
Joana Schirmer
Junior Project Manager
Lilli Petry
Project Manager
With an eye for detail
Jürgen Kreisel
Managing Partner
Keep your eyes on the goal and you'll hole it in one
Robert Kohlhaupt
Project Manager
Maximilian Busse
Junior Project Manager
A great support in all matters
Jana Weise
Office Manager
Alessa Hedtke
Office Manager
Hits the nail on the head!
Sven Seehawer
Managing Partner
Mission: Client first!
Thomas Scheck
Project Manager
Hella Wagner
Junior Project Manager
For multifaceted communication
Philipp Heidemann
Senior Project Manager
Matthias Heck
Senior Project Manager
Listens closely
David Weisenborn
Managing Partner
Thorsten Windeln
Managing Partner
A Rhinelander with depth and profile
Andrea Stollberg
Project Manager
let the sunshine in
Lucas Völker
Project Manager
Always strikes the right note
Tatjana Suárez Ortega
Front and Back Office
Mi Casa - Su Casa! Our point of contact in matters of hospitality
Alexander Jung
Project Manager
Robin van Eckendonk
Project Manager
Luana Cortis
Managing Partner
Mixing modern with traditional: the best of friends
Wynta Gebrehiwot
Project Assistant
Creativity is everything!
Frederik Box
Project Manager
Goes the extra mile for the client
Anke Iwers
Project Manager
Architect with passion
Susanne Cuntze
Management Support
Bernd Kochendörfer
Founder and consultant
Just because you say nothing doesn't mean you've got nothing to say.
Nicolas Dausch
A team player in every respect
Daas Swead
Project Manager
Matthias Werner
Managing Partner
Sebastian Schröder
Manager IT & Communication
Georg Bremer
Authorised Representative
A hit in every respect
Mona Franz
Project Manager
Makes sure there's harmony in the project
Bastian Bösel
Managing Partner
Passionate about numbers and projects in life and at work
Philipp Gehlert
Junior Project Manager
Michael Liebig
Project Manager / Freelancer
Stefan Bröcker
Managing Partner
No-one does "costs" like he does
Bingöl Gülten
Junior Project Manager
Music on World off!
Diana Anastasija Radke
Commercial Manager / Partner
Take a walk on the wild side
Malika Klös
Versatile, and not just on the pitch
Czerbren Rohde
Project Manager
Project security right from the start
Markus G. Viering
Managing Partner
The man with certified and sworn expertise
Oliver Greis
Managing Partner
Likes to aim high
Lisa Schmidt
Office Manager
The perspective puts every challenge into perspective
Juliane Hamberger
Front and Back Office
she has the knack
Antonia Becic
Senior Projectmanager
Project optimization through digitalization!
Michaela Gruber
Project Manager
It's not just her projects that rock
Ademar Machado
Project Manager
Sandra Dreyer
Project Manager
Fabian Kirsch
Junior Projectmanager
Alexandra Knoblauch
Project Manager
Enjoys overcoming hurdles, and not just in her free time
Matthias Breu
Senior Project Manager | Prokurist
Dustin Junge
Project Manager
A shot in the arm for any team
Susanne Lange
Project Manager
Heike Drüppel
Project Manager
All of a project in some of the time!
Reinhard Schulz
Managing Partner
Basic evaluation and strategy planning: The crucial first step for project success.
Jan Henningsen
Senior Project Manager
Hediye Karaca
Junior Project Manager
Michael Käßner
Managing Partner
At the end of the day, managing a project like this is no different to a family holiday - if everyone's needs are respected, it should all go well.

We live our mission


We were founded…

KVL Bauconsult GmbH was established on 01.09.2003 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kochendörfer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus G. Viering and Dr.-Ing. Jens Liebchen.

Concorde makes its last flight and an exceptional summer produces a highly touted vintage for German wines.


We celebrate …

The opening of our first premises in Genthiner Straße 11 is celebrated in style - helped by our student employees who did a great job as waiters.

Greece became European football champions and their coach, Otto Rehhagel, a hero.


We get going…

We win our first public tender contract. KVL was commissioned by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning to be project managers for construction works at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Berlin. Both the project and the client have remained loyal associates.

KVL goes international - OOO KVL Consult is founded in Moscow and delivers its first project, an IKEA MEGA Mall in Ekaterinburg.

Germany elects its first ever female Chancellor!


We diversify…

Private clients discover KVL and remain loyal to this very day! New office buildings and hotel projects are now also under our management.

Germany hosts the FIFA 2006 World Cup and gives us a fairy tale summer.


We expand…

KVL founds KVL Bauconsult Frankfurt GmbH and KVL Bauconsult Stuttgart GmbH, allowing us to give full on-site support to our clients.

On the international front, Central Asia is explored and KVL becomes Kazakhstan's largest project manager despite the banking crisis.

VAT goes up to 19 %.


We keep our cool…

Despite the banking crisis, our flexibility allows us to establish a foothold in Central Asia. We help international banks to evaluate their portfolios, and specialise in bank controlling - because loyalty and trust are are at the heart of what we do at KVL!

The first African-American is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.


We travel…

Our destinations are becoming increasingly diverse - whether in Germany or globally. KVL has long since ceased to be tied to the company locations. Projects in Düsseldorf, in Atyrau on the Caspian Sea, in Tula near Moscow etc. are reflected in the millions of miles accumulated.

The tallest building in the world is completed  - the Burj Khalifa.


We share…

More KVL businesses are established in Hamburg und Abu Dhabi. We assert our claim to intellectual leadership and publish the handbook Bauzeit in collaboration with other authors, thus sharing our knowledge. There have been 3 editions of the Bauzeit handbook to date. 

2010 is the year of BAUMA. Unfortunately, it's also the year the Eyafjallajökull volcano erupts, making air travel difficult to say the least.


We move…

We expand our range of services! In doing so we establish KVL Sachverständige GmbH, which tackles contract and variation order management, construction-related consulting as well as construction time analysis.

We also moved to new premises - our success precipated a move from the historic building in Genthiner Straße to a new build near the Kurfürstendamm.

Just saying - nobody in our company had their doctorates revoked!


We update…

Growth means change. And the year 2012 was marked by change. KVL's rapid growth led to the updating of structures in 2012 and the introduction of systems such as PACS for project organisation or COOR for project controlling.

The Olympics in London - a diamond jubilee present for the Queen?


We express our gratitude…

In 2013 we thanked our clients for 10 years of loyalty with a lively party on the roof terrace of Spichernstraße 2. Ten  years of KVL would not have been possible without the trust of our clients and the energy of our employees.

Logical follow-up moves in our corporate strategy are represented by the founding of KVL Bauconsult München GmbH, as well as KVL Projektmanagement Berlin GmbH, which takes on overseeing business operations from KVL Bauconsult GmbH, allowing them now to focus on overarching objectives.

It seems we partied hard - and can't remember too much about what else was going on.


We study…

Housing is a complex issue, and student housing even more so. As project managers, we were able to make an active contribution to the innovative and award-winning halls of residence project in Berlin-Adlershof. Contemporary community living has been masterfully put into practice here. Go and have a look - it's worth the trip. It is also worth the trip to Frankfurt, where the TaunusTurm has become part of the skyline. KVL Frankfurt supported Tishman Speyer with contract arrangements and strategy issues.

Germany wins the football World Cup!


We can do it…

Berlin's greenest building was completed on time and on budget. HumboldtHafen Eins in Berlin - the Berlin headquarters of PwC - receives DGNB Platinum certification. KVL was responsible for the project management and would like to express thanks for the trust placed in us.

Germany shows it has a heart and guts - its borders are open to everyone.


Smack bang in the middle….

2016 is very much about Central Germany! We finish a large housing project in Dresden. Staff workshops take place in Erfurt. The office seminar puts in an appearance in Leipzig. However, we take special pleasure in finally filling the most talked about construction pit in Central Germany. KVL takes over the project management of a hotel building, filling the last empty site at Burgplatz in Leipzig's historic centre.

Bob Dylan becomes the first songwriter to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


We reinvent ourselves…

KVL Bauconsult München GmbH is bursting at the seams and moves to Schwabing. KVL Bauconsult Hamburg GmbH moves to the Alster for the same reason.

With much love and the help of an amazing agency we get a new website. This might be why we made it into the top ten among project managers in terms of brand value  - at least that's what the REAL ESTATE BRAND BOOK says! We say thank you for this and look forward to seeing what else this year has to offer.

The ELBPHILHARMONIE in Hamburg is completed.


We restructure…

KVL grows. KVL adapts to new challenges and its new size. A streamlined structure puts us in a perfect postion for the future. Thanks to the KVL LAB, our internal training programme, we are continuously expanding our know-how and thus securing the quality of our services. We are growing and learning every day. This is fantastic!

Context: NASA announces the discovery of preserved organic matter on Mars.


We break patterns...

We have repositioned and given substance to our identity using the 10 techniques for breaking patterns by the "Musterbrecher“ ("Pattern Breakers"). "Urteilskraft vor Instanz", "Reden vor Kommunizieren" and Structure before Culture are just three of the guiding principles we have adopted. Structure before Culture is especially important to us.


A good structure results in positive experiences, which lead to a positive mindset, which leads to positive actions, which result in corporate culture. We have chosen to adopt a naively positive view of human nature and to run our company accordingly instead of trying to satisfy a marginal few just with rules and regulations, thereby restricting everyone in the company



We are proud...

Of who or what?

Of all our employees who, full of good cheer and commitment and without compaint, have done their utmost to make sure that we as a team and a company get through a year fraught with uncertainty and unique challenges without losing sight of our values. In turn, this has enabled us to stand by our clients with a smile on our face and continue to realise their visions - whether digitally or in person.


We celebrate...

We celebrate KVL Bauconsult Berlin's coming of age with an atmospheric party under starlit, late summer skies at one of the city's insider addresses, the Fuchsbau in Spichernstraße. We would like to thank our clients for their trust and our employees for their tireless commitment.

Our special thanks go to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kochendörfer, who is letting the now adult child "move out" and is stepping back from his management role. We are nevertheless pleased to know that he will always be there for us.

Context: Dr. Angela Merkel quits the stage after four terms as Chancellor and is succeeded by Olaf Scholz.