Bolashak Processing Plant

The Kashagan oil field is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. With an area of about 300.00 ha is the biggest newfound oil filed of the last 30 years.

The refinery for this oil field is located 35 km north-easterly of the city Atyrau. It consists of 2 similar works for desulfurization of rude oil and for refinement of crude oil and natural gas. A further extension for a third work has already been intended. The whole work spans on an area of
about 9 km². By 2015 the work capacity is going to be increaded tenfold by further extensions.

The special problems with this project are founded in the extreme climate conditions and the high quality requirements of the builder. Summers are dry and very hot. In winter there are temperatures of down to -40°C together with a strong wind. At the same time the focus of the building works is at the winter term. This circumstance and design temperature of up to 160°C demand the use of special concrete.

KVL executes the assurance and the control of quality during the execution of the civil engineering works. This implies the concrete, dam and sealing works of the basement, subterranean buildings and delivery races as well as road construction. Additionally, KVL acts as client representative on the total cost for the building parts as well as the plant facilities.