With German know-how the construction project “Vesnovka” arises in the centre of Almaty on the river of the same name. Under German direction in the planning and execution division, an innovative 5-star living complex, which sets with its modern European style and function new patterns in the middle of Central Asia, arises. The ambitious aim is to build the whole construction project in all items of work according to German quality standards.

The project consists of 6 houses, which are executed in a classic style. Two 6-storey and four 9-storey buildings form a functional and concerted appearance. The first two floors comprise a shopping mall as well as office premises. The special challenge regarding the realization of this project is on one hand the increased request from the seismic marginal conditions (seismic zone of category 9) and on the other hand the complex market mechanism with regard to the personnel recruitment and materials procurement.

Besides the classic tasks of the project management as cost controlling, sche-duling and reporting, KVL also assumes the examination and valuation of single construction procedures, which have to be analyzed regarding their technique and efficiency with modern methods. Besides the consulting of the builder owner in a construction process view, KVL also is restructuring the builder owner’s building firm and planning agency.

Here it’s about specific trainings for the staff and also intern process definitions and their execution according to Western European standards.